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How I wanted to improve kubectl

kubectl get pods
kubectl describe
kubectl get pod -o json

How kubecolor changes the kubectl output

kubecolor get pods
kubecolor describe pod
kubecolor get pod -o json
kubecolor get pod -o yaml
kubecolor describe node
kubecolor explain pod

How to use kubecolor



go get github.com/hidetatz/kubecolor/cmd/kubecolor
go get -u  github.com/hidetatz/kubecolor/cmd/kubecolor


kubecolor --context my-context get pods
kubecolor edit deployment
kubecolor exec -it pod-a bash
alias kubectl=kubecolor

Available command line options

White and Cyan might look too bright
Whte->Black, Cyan->Dark blue.

Use kubecolor with kubectl autocompletion feature

complete -o default -F __start_kubectl kubecolor
complete -o default -F __start_kubectl k

Specify which “kubectl” to use

KUBECTL_COMMAND="kubectl.1.18" kubecolor get pods

Summing up



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